Professional Development

The QuickSmart professional development program consists of an intensive series of professional inputs built around the QuickSmart intervention and research program.

QuickSmart instructors attend three 2-day professional development workshops. The professional development program accompanying QuickSmart is focused on supporting QuickSmart instructors to understand and provide:

  • effective instruction that maximises student on-task time, and provides learning scaffolds to ensure students experience improvement and success;
  • focused, fun, and successful practice that is integral to every lesson and involves guided and independent timed practice activities;
  • strategy instruction and concept development;
  • their students with confidence by encouraging a 'can do' attitude;
  • appropriate teacher and peer modelling; and
  • motivational academic activities that are used as opportunities for instructional modelling and to develop fluency.

Professional Development

Professional Development Learning Outcomes

As a consequence of the program and professional development experiences, QuickSmart instructors will learn to:

During the course of their professional development, instructors will also develop an understanding of how: