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Project Title SiMERR – James Cook University Project 5
Project Team Professor Neil Anderson, Ms Lyn Courtney (SiMERR Queensland), Mr David Romagnolo, Tony Fuller (Woree State School)
Period April 07 – December 07
Funding Agency SiMERR
Organisational Base SiMERR Queensland


This project extends earlier work undertaken through the Maths Excellence Program and the Maths and Science Spectacular Program. In this series of the program, nine after-school courses were offered to junior and senior students across a variety of subjects (see activities below). The project formed a partnership with the Navy, with navy engineers working with course writers to utilise the data-loggers in an excursion on a navy survey ship. This course endeavoured to further develop the skills of school students in the use of technology usually reserved for upper high school students. As with all previous mathematics and science excellence programs, the emphasis is on connecting mathematics, science, and university with fun activities.

Project 5 consisted of after-school courses offered over eight weeks. Nine courses were available: two courses for younger students (grades 1 – 4); Science Experiments and Music/Movement. There were seven courses for older students: Math and Science Excellence, Art, Food Science, Fashion Design Music Recording/Production; Computing/Multimedia; Engineering/Design. The cost to students was $89 for the eight weeks of classes.


Project 5 was delivered to over 500 students from 26 schools.


The major findings from this program included students’ increasing the interest in science and maths, which is expected to increase enrolments in senior science and maths subjects. Furthermore, the teachers that participated in this program (and these were teachers already highly skilled in the areas in which they taught) reported that this program was beneficial as Professional Development.



The program has been the subject of 11 news stories in print, TV and radio. One hundred scholarships were awarded to disadvantaged children. The program generated over $40,000 in gross income and secured $30,000 from Defence Force Recruiting sponsorship.

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