Science, ICT and Mathematics Education in Rural and Regional Australia
The SiMERR National Survey

State and Territory Case Studies

Companion volume to the
SiMERR National Survey



Edited by Terry Lyons



National Centre of Science, ICT and Mathematics Education
for Rural and Regional Australia
University of New England





‘Somewhere different to go’ - Report from SiMERR Western Australia Sandra Frid, Len Sparrow, Sue Trinidad, David Treagust, Kirsteen McCrory

‘There's not enough offered to country areas and ... so much emphasis on going to Adelaide for PD’ - Report from SiMERR South Australia Carol Aldous, Alan Barnes, Julie Clark, Bruce White, Will Morony

‘You don’t have other teachers to bounce ideas off’ - Report from SiMERR Victoria Russel Tytler, Judy Mousley, Steve Tobias , Agnes McMillan, Genée Marks

‘The teachers give as much as they can, not as little as they can’ - Report from SiMERR Tasmania Kim Beswick, Natalie Brown

‘If we don’t shout loudly, we might be forgotten’ - Report from SiMERR ACT
Catherine McLoughlin, Sue Wilson, Jo Brady, Stephen Arnold

‘Not just another face in the crowd’ - Report from SiMERR New South Wales Karoline Afamasaga-Fuatai, Terry Lyons, Peter Merrotsy, David Paterson, Howard Smith

‘What makes a good teacher? They have respect for our culture’ - Report from SiMERR Queensland David Lake, Rhonda Faragher, Max Lenoy, Juanita Sellwood, Louise Archer, Neil Anderson

'To improvise and be innovative in the way you teach’ - Report from SiMERR Northern Territory Ruth Wallace, Lalitha Nair, Susan Barton-Johnson, Greg Shaw



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