Other QuickSmart Projects

QuickSmart in the Community

  • QuickSmart is provided in a range of adult contexts, particularly amongst disadvantaged groups. Correctional centres, remote Indigenous communities and employer groups recognise the need for a foundation in basic numeracy and literacy for their people to develop much needed employment and life skills. 
  • QuickSmart in these adult contexts has achieved results matching QuickSmart in schools and produced many wonderful personal stories. Learners not only markedly improve their numeracy and literacy but also commonly report a greater sense of being able to learn and the importance of learning and a desire to support others in their communities and families to learn.
  • Please email quicksmart@une.edu.au for more information

IN TRIAL STAGE: QuickSmart Online Numeracy

  • QuickSmart Online is a self-paced learning program designed to be delivered to anyone who requires assistance to improve their basic numeracy skills and are caught in a cycle that precludes advancement. It is delivered as a standalone program that can be used independently or in facilitated groups. 
  • The QuickSmart Online Numeracy program is designed to
    • improve students’ information retrieval times;
    • free working memory capacity from excessive focus on routine tasks; and
    • foster automaticity in basic tasks.
  • More details coming soon!
  • ETA 2022