Lorraine Graham


Lorraine Graham began teaching primary school in the early 1980s. Like many teachers, she was most challenged by those students who didn't learn as easily as their classmates. Subsequently, she completed a postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Exceptional Children from the University of Southern Queensland and then sought to continue further study overseas.

Lorraine completed her Master of Arts (Education) (Honours) degree and then her Ph.D. in Instructional Psychology under Professor Bernice Wong at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. During this time she developed and researched the 3H Strategy for improving reading comprehension.

In 1994, Lorraine returned to Australia to take up a position at the University of New England. She is most interested in developing effective instructional interventions, the teaching of comprehension strategies and general approaches to improving the academic performance of low-achieving students. Her work with QuickSmart brings together her major research interests and provides contact with a collegial team of educators at UNE and in QuickSmart schools.

In recognition of her contributions to her disciplinary area, Lorraine was admitted as a Fellow to the International Association for Research in Learning Disabilities in 2007.