What is QuickSmart?

  • QuickSmart is a 30-week intervention program aimed at middle school students whose numeracy or literacy outcomes are below minimum standards.
  • Two QuickSmart programs are offered – QuickSmart Numeracy and QuickSmart Literacy.
  • QuickSmart is designed to enhance a student's fluency in either literacy (reading and comprehension) or numeracy by improving their information retrieval times.
  • 17 years of QuickSmart – over 1,400 schools!



  • Independent analysis of independent, norm-referenced test results for over 45,000 QuickSmart students show that they consistently achieve up to three years' academic growth over a 30-week period.
  • Teachers report student improvements in behaviour, higher levels of confidence and self-esteem, and increased classroom involvement.


  • Students work in pairs with an instructor.
  • Students participate in three, 30-minute lessons per week for 30 weeks.
  • The majority of QuickSmart Instructors are non teacher-trained support staff, guided by a trained teacher.
Two students
Two students working on their QuickSmart folders.


  • QuickSmart schools participate in three, two-day professional development workshops - QuickSmart is not an 'off-the-shelf' program.
  • Workshop 1 is generally conducted in 1st Term, with an interval of three to four months between each workshop.
Literacy workshop
QuickSmart Literacy workshop.


  • Each school receives an annual report of the progress of its QuickSmart students.
  • A Help Desk provides educational/program and IT support, five days per week (QuickSmart is not primarily a computer-based program - it utilises software for assessment and student motivation in one of the six lesson components).