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Project Title Developing Curriculum Leadership Skills of Established Teachers in Rural Regions who have Leadership Responsibilities or Aspirations
Project Team The Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers – Will Morony and executive members of the state bodies affiliated to AAMT
Period 2006 – 2007
Funding Agency SiMERR National Centre
Organisational Base SiMERR National Centre


This project will facilitate the development of curriculum leadership skills of established teachers in rural regions who have leadership responsibilities or aspirations. Programs will focus on locations where professional development opportunities are limited. They will be based on a collaborative model that creates and nurtures communities of learners across schools and clusters, providing support for each other and the opportunity to share ideas. Participants will be expected to maintain involvement in curriculum activities as ‘local agents’ of change and development. The project covers government and non-government primary schools, secondary schools, K-12 schools, central schools, district high schools, area schools, senior colleges etc., including geographic clusters as feasible and appropriate.

The program will be conducted in Queensland, NSW and Victoria in 2006, and in the remaining states and territories in 2007.

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