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IRIS – Starting out in STEM: A study of young men and women in first year science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses

Choosing Science

International Symposium For Innovation in Rural Education (ISFIRE) proceedingsprogramdiscussion summary and website

Partnerships in ICT in Learning (PICTL)

Maths? Why Not? Unpacking reasons for students’ decisions concerning higher-level mathematics in the senior years

Issues in Teaching and Learning Science, ICT, and Mathematics in Rural and Regional Australia: A National Survey

Narrowing the Gap: Addressing Educational Disadvantage conference proceedings

Project Archive Database

Project TeamTitleKLAGrade LevelThemesYearHub
John Pegg, Terry LyonsNational SurveyScience, Mathematics and ICTPrimary, SecondaryPolicy and practices, Student achievement, Teachers, Professional learning2005NAT
John Pegg, Debra PanizzonImproving Learning Outcomes Using a Professional Journey ModelScience, Mathematics and ICTSecondaryTeachers, Professional learning, learning experiencesNAT
John PeggAn Exceptional Schooling Outcomes Project (AESOP)Cross-KLASecondaryTeachers, Professional learning, Policy and practices2001-04NAT
John Pegg, Lorraine Graham, Jenny ThomasEquipping teachers with understanding and skills to improve the long-term learning outcomes of low-achieving studentsCross-KLAMiddle Years, SecondaryStudent achievement, learning experiences2006-07NAT
John Pegg, Debra PanizzonDevelopmentally-based assessment practices in analysing the strengths of technologically-based curriculamScience and ICTPrimary, SecondaryAssessment, Pedagogy, Curriculum issues2004-05NAT
John Pegg, Rosemary CallinghamProfessional Learning Using Mathematics Standards (PLUMS)MathematicsK-12Teachers, Professional learning, Policy and practice2005NAT
Debra Panizzon, John PeggIdentifying a developmental pathway in the implementation of lesson components in the classroom of secondary science and mathematics teachersScience and MathematicsSecondaryPolicy and practice, professional learning, Pedagogy2004-05NAT
John PeggA validation study of a framework of draft professional standards for NSW teachersCross-KLAK-12Teachers, Professional learning, Policy and practice2003-05NAT
Chris Readinge-Girls connectICTSecondaryLearning experiences, Gender2005-12NAT
Greg McPhan, John Pegg, Trevor LynchMaths? Why not? Unpacking the reasons for students\' decisions concerning higher-level mathematics in senior yearsMathematicsSecondaryLearning experiences, Policy and practice2006-07NAT
Debra PanizzonInvestigating Years 5 and 6 gifted and talented students\' knowledge, skills and understanding in English, Mathematics, Science and Information TechnologyMathematics, English, Science and ICTPrimaryPedagogy, Learning experiences, Gifted and talented2003-05NAT
Debra PanizzonEngaging the Science Profession with ICT: SiMERR Workshops 2006Science and ICTK-12Professional learning, Learning experiences2006NAT
John PeggYear 8 Mathematics DayMathematicsSecondaryLearning experiences2008NAT
John Pegg, Debra PanizzonCollaborative innovations in rural and regional secondary schools: Enhancing student learning in Science, Mathematics and ICTScience, Mathematics and ICTSecondaryCurriculum issues, Learning experiences, Pedagogy2006-07NAT
Karoline Afamasaga-Fuata’i, Greg McPhanConcept Mapping and Vee DiagramsMathematicsSecondaryPedagogy2007NSW
Lorraine Graham, Jenny Thomas, Noelene RaymondLow-achieving middle-school students’ maintenance of performance gains following participation in an intervention program designed to enhance basic academic skillsMathematicsMiddle YearsStudent achievement, Learning strategies2006-07NAT
Ralph Leonard, Sue Hollands, ACCE affiliatesComputing Studies Teachers Network Rural and Regional FocusICTSecondaryProfessional learning, Pedagogy, Policy and practices2006-07NAT
John Pegg, Debra PanizzonAssessment Practices: Empowering mathematics and science teachers in rural areas to improve learning and curriculum implementationScience and MathematicsK-12Assessment, Pedagogy, Curriculum issues2003-05NAT
Chris ReadingEngaging Indigenous Students: Embedding ICT in Learning (EiSEiL)ICT, Cross-KLAPrimaryLearning experiences, Indigenous2006NAT
Will Moroney, AAMT affiliatesDeveloping curriculum leadership skills of established teachers in rural regions who have leadership responsibilities or aspirationsCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryProfessional learning, Pedagogy2006NAT
John Pegg, David Baxter, Rosemary Callingham, Debra PanizzonThe impact of developmentally-based qualitative assessment practicesEnglish, Mathematics and ScienceSecondaryAssessment, Policy and practice2004-07NAT
Chris Reading, Linley LloydEmbedding ICT in Learning (EiL): Collaborative Partnerships in Rural SchoolsICT, Cross-KLAPrimaryLearning experiences, Teachers2005-06NAT
Debra Panizzon, John PeggOnline professional development for science teachers: Integrating ICT into the laboratoryScience and ICTSecondaryLearning experiences, Professional learning, Pedagogy2007NAT
Chris ReadingSocial computing enhancing learning in remote AustraliaICTPrimary, Secondary, AdultLearning experiences, Pedagogy2007-08NAT
John Pegg, Terry Lyons, Greg McPhanAustralian Government Summer School for Teachers ProgramScience and MathematicsPrimary, SecondaryProfessional learning, Pedagogy, Curriculum issues, Learning experiences2008NAT
Chris Reading, Ralph Leonard, John PeggPartnerships in ICT in Learning (PICTL)ICTSecondary, Higher EducationLearning experiences, Teachers2006-07NAT
Chris Reading, Rachael AdlingtonIntegrating Mathematics and Quality Teaching in Isolated Schools MathematicsPrimary, SecondaryLearning experiences, Pedagogy2007-08NAT
Lorraine Graham, John PeggNarrowing the Performance GapMathematicsPrimary, SecondaryStudent achievement, Learning experiences2007NAT
Lorraine Graham, John PeggQuickSmart Literacy/Numeracy Programs - Lismore DioceseMathematicsPrimary, SecondaryStudent achievement, Learning experiences2003-08NAT
Lorraine Graham, John PeggQuickSmart Numeracy and Literacy Projects in the Northern TerritoryMathematicsPrimary, SecondaryStudent achievement, Learning experiences2005-08NAT
Lorraine Graham, John PeggA Pilot Study Investigating the Large-Scale Implementation of QuickSmartMathematicsPrimary, SecondaryStudent achievement, Learning experiences2007-08NAT
Chris ReadingAnimating LearningICTPrimaryLearning experiences, Pedagogy2007NAT
Debra Panizzon, Terry Lyons, Keith FlemingMission PossibleSciencePrimaryLearning experiencesAnnualNAT
Terry LyonsChoosing Science. How Year 10 Students DecideScienceSecondaryPolicy and practice, Curriculum issues2007-08NSW
Terry LyonsDisaggregation of NSW Data from the SiMERR National SurveyCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryPolicy and practices, Student achievement, Teachers, Professional learning2006NSW
Terry LyonsTeaching Science in ContextsScienceSecondaryCurriculum issues2007NSW
Greg McPhan, Terry LyonsContexts that Apply and Promote Scientific Understanding Learning and ExpressionScienceSecondaryCurriculum issues, Learning experiences, Pedagogy2007-08NSW
Peter MerrotsyIdentifying Gifted and Talented StudentsCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryPedagogy, Gifted and Talented2007NSW
Peter MerrotsyAcademic Acceleration in the OutbackCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryPolicy and practice, Gifted and Talented2008NSW
David PatersonAdaptive Help-seeking Strategies in the Inclusive Secondary ClassroomCross-KLASecondaryLearning experiences, Disabilities2008NSW
Susen SmithUNE TalentEd Conference for Rural and Regional TeachersCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryPedagogy, Gifted and Talented2007-08NSW
Susen SmithEnrichment Days for Middle School Rural and Regional Gifted StudentsCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryLearning experiences, Gifted and Talented2007-08NSW
Karoline Afamasaga-Fuata\'iUnderstanding of Patterns and Changes in MathematicsMathematicsPrimaryLearning experiences, Pedagogy, Indigenous2007-08NSW
Sue Gregory, Jan Connelly, Tony BrownPedagogical Enhancement Through Interactive WhiteboardsCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryProfessional learning, Pedagogical change, Learning experiences 2007-08NSW
Catherine McLoughlinCreating an Online Community for Professional Development in ICTICTPrimary, SecondaryProfessional learning, Pedagogy, Curriculum issues2007-08ACT
Chatherine McLoughlinDeveloping Models of PodcastingCross-KLASecondaryPedagogy, Learning experiences2007-08ACT
Catherine McLoughlinE-Safety: Startegies to Enable Rural SchoolsICTSecondaryLearning experiences, Policy and practice2006-08ACT
Sue Wilson, Colleen SpenceCRIMS -Context Rich Integrated Maths and ScienceScience and MathematicsSecondaryPedagogy, Learning experiences2005-07ACT
Sue WilsonCRIMS in Rural SchoolsScience and MathematicsPrimary, SecondaryPedagogy, Learning experiences, Professional learning2006-08ACT
Sue WilsonCRIMS Professional LearningScience and MathematicsPrimary, SecondaryPedagogy, Learning experiences, Professional learning2007-08ACT
Rhonda Faragher, Jo BradyA Study of the Mathematical Development of Children with Down SyndromeMathematicsPrimaryPedagogy, Disabilities2006-08ACT
Carolyn Broadbent, Maureen Boyle, Jo BradyUtilising Information and Communication TechnologiesICTPrimary, SecondaryPedagogy, Professional learning, Learning experiences2006-08ACT
Paul White, Sue Wilson, Rhonda FaragherPercentages as Part-whole RelationshipsMathematicsPrimaryPedagogy, Learning experiences2006ACT
Coral Campbell, Gail Chittleborough, Russell TytlerUsing ICT to Support Literacy and Numeracy in Rural SchoolsCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryProfessional learning2006-07ACT
Robert Hunting, Judith Mousley, Brian DoigRural Professional Development in Early Years MathematicsMathematicsEarly childhoodPolicy and practices2006-08ACT
Russell Tytler, Cliff Malcolm, Valda KirkwoodCreating Professional Learning Pathways for TeachersScience, Mathematics and ICTPrimary, SecondaryProfessional learning2006-08VIC
Russell Tytler, Cliff Malcolm, Valda KirkwoodLinking School Science and Mathematics with Industry and CommunityScience and MathematicsPrimary, Secondary, AdultPolicy and practices, Learning experiences, Pedagogy2006-07VIC
Russell Tytler, David Symington, Valda KirkwoodLinking School Science and Mathematics ... A PD PackageScience and MathematicsPrimary, Secondary, AdultProfessional learning2007-08VIC
Coral Campbell, Damian BlakeCreativity and Innovation in Science ChallengeScienceSecondaryLearning experiences2007-08VIC
Gail Chittleborough, Wendy Jobling, Karin BartyScience ChallengeSciencePrimaryLearning experiences, Pedagogy2006-08VIC
Lyn Carter, Caroline SmithSustainability Science in Rural and Regional Victorian SchoolsSciencePrimaryPolicy and practices, Curriculum issues2006-07VIC
Ian Robottom, Coral CampbellSeachange and Ecological SustainabilitySciencePrimaryPolicy and practices2006VIC
Kathryn Choules, Damien LyonsEducation for Sustainable Development in SW VictoriaSciencePrimary, Higher EducationLearning experiences, Pedagogy2007VIC
Brian DoigNice Work: Teachers\' Lives in Rural and Regional SchoolsScience and MathematicsSecondaryTeachers2007-08VIC
Russell Tytler, Coral Campbell, David SymingtonForum: Charting Futures for Science, ICT and Mathematics EducationCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryPolicy and practices2008VIC
John KennyAn Explanation of a Professional Learning Model for Pre-service TeachersScienceHigher EducationProfessional learning, Pedagogy2007-08TAS
John Kenny, Andrew Seen, John PurserResourcing Secondary Science TeachersScienceSecondary, Higher EducationPedagogy, Learning experiences2007-08TAS
Genee MarksSuccess in Science, Mathematics and ICT for Students with Intellectual DisabilityCross-KLAPrimary, Secondary, AdultPedagogy2007-08NSW
Natalie BrownSouthern Science NetworkScienceSecondaryPedagogy2006TAS
Andrew Fluck, Natalie Brown, Karen WilsonVirtual Learning Objects in Remote Tasmanian SchoolsScience, Mathematics and ICTSecondaryPedagogy, Learning experiences2006TAS
John KennyProfessional Learning/Curriculum DevelopmentSciencePrimaryCurriculum issues, Pedagogy2006TAS
Andrew FluckM-Learning: e-learning for ubiquitous school science educationScience and ICTSecondaryLearning experiences, Pedagogy2005-06TAS
Natalie BrownWhat are the Experiences of Early Career Teachers in TasmaniaCross-KLASecondary, Higher EducationTeachers2007-08TAS
Natalie Brown, Jeannie Marie Le RoiExpanding Science Literacy in Tasmania Rural and Regional SchoolsScienceSecondaryPedagogy2007-08TAS
Helen BoundTeaching and Learning Through ICT in VET Learning EnvironmentsICTAdultPedagogy, Policy and practices2006-07TAS
Andrew Fluck, Rob TorokSmartBotsICTPrimary, SecondaryLearning experiences, Gifted and Talented2007TAS
Jane Watson, Loise HodgsonHome-School Partnerships Through Mathematics GamesMathematicsPrimaryLearning experiences, Pedagogy2006TAS
Andrew Fluck, Margaret MeijersGame-Making for Students and teachers from Isolated AreasMathematics and ICTSecondaryLearning experiences, Pedagogy2006TAS
Kim BeswickBuilding Mathematics Teaching Leadership CapacityMathematicsPrimary, SecondaryProfessional learning2007TAS
Kim BeswickImplementation of Mathspower TrialMathematicsSecondaryLearning experiences2006TAS
Alan Barnes, Julie Clark, Jim DaviesAboriginal Summer Schools for Excellence in Science and TechnologyCross-KLASecondaryLearning experiences, Indigenous2005-08SA
Carol Aldous, John Keeves, Tilahun AfrassaCollaborative Research on Educational OutcomesCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryPolicy and prectices2006-08SA
Bruce White, Alan BarnesEarly Career Science, Mathematics and ICT Teachers in SACross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryTeachers, Professional learning2007-08SA
Jim Davies, Will Morony, Alan BarnesSA SiMERR Summit (Pilot)Cross-KLAPrimary, Secondary, AdultPolicy and practices2006SA
Jim DaviesScience Engagement and Enrichment at Distance (SEED)Science and ICTPrimary, SecondaryLearning experiences, Pedagogy2006-08SA
Alan Barnes, Jim DaviesMulti-user Virtual Environment: River City SustainabilityScience and ICTSecondaryPedagogy, Learning experiences2007-08SA
Alan Barnes, Gretchen GengCurriculum Mapping ProjectScience and MathematicsPrimary, SecondaryPedagogy, Curriculum issues2005-08SA
Julie Clark, Will Morony, Kym LinkeMonday Night MathsMathematicsPrimary, SecondaryProfessional learning, Pedagogy2006-08SA
Alan Barnes, Bruce WhiteEvaluating a Professional Development ProcessMathematicsPrimary, SecondaryProfessional learning2007-08SA
Len Sparrow, Sandra Frid, Sue TrinidadInteractive Whiteboards to Enhance Teaching and LearningCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryPedagogy, Learning experiences2006-07WA
Sandra Frid, Melanie SmithScience in the BushSciencePrimaryPolicy and practices2008WA
Sue Trinidad, Tania BroadleyCybercellsCross-KLAPrimary, Secondary, AdultTeachers, Professional learning2007WA
Sandra Frid, Karen WoodLinking Pre-service Education with Rural EducationCross-KLAPrimary, Higher EducationCurriculum issues, Pedagogy2006-07WA
Sandra Frid, Len Sparrow, Sue TrinidadGraduate Survey of Science, ICT and Mathematics TeachingCross-KLAHigher EducationPolicy and practices, Professional learning2006WA
Bill Atweh, Marianne McLaughlinBeginning Teacher NetworkCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryTeachers, Professional learning2007-08WA
Len Sparrow, Sandra FridClimate Change - Measuring Baseline BiodiversitySciencePrimary, SecondaryLearning experiences, Pedagogy2008WA
Louis Evans, Sue TrinindadPlants for People Multimedia ProjectCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryCurriculum issues, Pedagogy, Learning experiences, Indigenous2007WA
Sue Trinidad, Sandra Frid, Len SparrowSustainability in EducationCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryCurriculum issues, Learning experiences2006-07WA
Moira Curtain, Sue TrinidadTravelling Science TelevisionScience and ICTPrimaryCurriculum issues, Learning experiences2007WA
Sandra Frid, Len Sparrow, Sue TrinidadCALM Bush Ranger Cadet GroupSciencePrimary, SecondaryCurriculum issues, Student achievement, Learning experiences2007-08WA
Sandra Frid, Len Sparrow, Sue TrinidadEnhancing the Professional Participation of Science TeachersSciencePrimary, SecondaryProfessional learning2007WA
Sandra Frid, Kaye Treacy, Fiona WalkerAboriginal Early NumeracyMathematicsPrimary, SecondaryPedagogy, Indigenous2006-07WA
Phil KeysTeacher Knowledge in an Indigenous Science ClassroomScienceSecondaryPedagogy, Indigenous2007NT
Phil Keys, Jim WattersTransforming Pre-service Teacher KnowledgeScienceSecondary, Higher EducationPedagogy2006-07NT
Phil KeysPeer Tutoring and Mentoring in ScienceScienceSecondary, Higher EducationPedagogy, Indigenous2005-07NT
Greg Shaw, Mike GrenfellThe Online Learning ExperienceICTHigher EducationPedagogy2005-07NT
Ruth Wallace, Michael ChristieEngaging Remote Indigenous Students Using ICTICTSecondaryPolicy and practices, Indigenous2007NT
Michael ChristieComputer Business WorkshopICTAdultLearning experiences, Indigenous2006NT
Michael ChristieRead English on the WebICTAdultCurriculum issues, Indigenous2007-08NT
Michael ChristieBuilding Community Capital to Support Sustainable NumeracyMathematicsSecondaryPedagogy, Indigenous2006-08NT
Ian Roberts, Helen SpiersNumeracy CountsMathematicsPrimaryProfessional learning2006NT
Ian Roberts,Grg Shaw, Sue DarcyInspiring and Enhancing Mathematics Learning in Remote RegionsMathematicsSecondaryCurriculum issues, Learning experiences, Pedagogy2007-08NT
Michael Christie, Helen Verran, John GreatorexMaths as a Cultural PracticeMathematicsK-12Pedagogy, Indigenous2007NT
Michael Christie, Helen Verran, John GreatorexEducating the Future Leaders of Aboriginal AustraliaCross-KLAOtherPolicy and practices, Gifted and Talented, Indigenous2008NT
Ruth Wallace, Lalitha Nair, Susan Barton-JohnsonIdentification of Factors Leading to Teacher SuccessCross-KLAPrimary, SecondaryTeachers2006-08NT
Helen BoonGaining Knowledge of Climate Change and Ozone DepletionScienceSecondaryCurriculum issues2007QLD
Hilary WhitehouseScience on the OvalScienceSecondary, Higher EducationCurriculum issues, Learning experiences2006-07QLD
Ruth Hickey, Hilary WhitehouseBirdnet: Creating an Online Science CommunitySciencePrimary, Higher EducationCurriculum issues, Learning experiences2006-07QLD
David LakeCreating a Sustainable Pedagogical CultureScienceMiddle YearsPedagogy2007QLD
David Lake, Max LenoySuccessful Indigenous ScientistsScienceSecondary, Higher EducationTeachers, Pedagogy, Indigenous2007QLD
Neil Anderson, Lyn CourtneyMaths and Science SpectacularScience and MathematicsPrimary, SecondaryLearning experinces, Curriculum issues2006QLD
Neil Anderson, Lyn CourtneySiMERR-James Cook University Project 5Science and MathematicsSecondaryearning experinces, Curriculum issues2007QLD
Helen BoonParents\' Views of Mathematics and ScienceScience and MathematicsSecondaryPedagogy2007-08QLD
Neil Anderson, Junita Sellwood, Lyn CourtneyGroote Island Social Computing ProjectICTPrimary, SecondaryCurriculum issues, Learning experiences, Indigenous2007QLD
Neil Anderson, Lyn CourtneyInvestigating Computer Usage and PerspectivesICTSecondaryPolicy and practices, Curriculum issues2007QLD
Neil Anderson, Lyn Courtney, Gemma CameronPodcasts, Blogs and RoboticsICTSecondaryCurriculum issues2007QLD
Neil Anderson, Lyn Courtney, Max RivettPotential of Robotics in Rural and Remote SchoolsICTPrimaryCurriculum issues2007QLD
Steve Tobias, Diane ItterMathematical Backgrounds of Preservice TeachersMathematicsHigher EducationPedagogy2007QLD
Genee MarksSuccess in Maths, Science and ICTCross-KLASecondaryPedagogyOngoingVIC
Terry Lyons, Frances QuinnChoosing ScienceScienceSecondaryCurriculum issues, Learning experiences, Pedagogy2007-09NAT
John Pegg, Ken Vine, Greg McPhan, Joy Hardy, Rebecca SpenceResearch Centre for Teacher Quality, PNUALLK-12Teachers, Professional Learning, Policy and practices2012-15NAT