SiMERR National Research Centre Director

Professor John Pegg

Deputy Director

Associate Professor Joy Hardy

Principal Research Analyst

Dr Ken Vine

Professorial Research Adjunct

Professor Victor Minichiello

Research Fellows

Dr Stefan Horarik (Data Analyst)

Dr Christine Reading

Anne Parnell (Numeracy)

Lyn Alder (Literacy)

Martin Trotman (Correctional Services)

Adjunct Research Fellows

Dr Bruce Mowbray (Senior Research Analyst)

Ann Walton

Project Research Personnel

Dr Myung-sook Auh

IT Department

Alwaleed Alssamani (IT Manager)

William Forsyth (Web Programmer)

Rickesh Shrestha (IT Support Officer)

Administration Team

June Billings (Executive Assistant to the Director)

Ambrose McDermott (QuickSmart Project Officer)

Silvia Danieli (Senior Finance Officer)

Karen Goode (Administration Assistant)