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Project Title Developmentally-based assessment practices in analysing the strengths of technologically-based curricula
Project Team Professor John Pegg, Dr Debra Panizzon, Dr Steven McGee (NASA Classroom of the Future)
Period 2004
Funding Agency
Organisational Base SiMERR National Centre


The focus of collaboration is about melding the development and application of innovative state-of-the-art technologically based curricula with an assessment model that is able to categorise the underlying structure of students’ understanding in terms of a cognitive developmental framework.

Part of this proposal’s significance lies in four broad areas –

  • The development of programs of research, which link the development and research work of the NASA Classroom of the Future Program with the curriculum and research expertise of members of CRiLT.
  • Fine tuning the assessment techniques available at the UNE Research Centre so that it is more applicable and useable in an information technology environment.
  • Setting up a framework in which the theoretical model can be utilised to identify strengths and weaknesses in the way educational programs encourage higher-order forms of learning.
  • Using the opportunity presented by this collaboration to link with science and technology-based industries both within Australia and the US.

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