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Project Title Building Community Capital to Support Sustainable Numeracy Education in Remote Locations
Project Team
Period 2006-2008 (ongoing)
Funding Agency ARC Linkage
Organisational Base SiMERR NT


The study has two major goals: to research the processes involved in building community capital to support mathematics learning in remote locations; and to research the extent to which these processes contribute to the development of deep pedagogical content knowledge for teaching mathematics in these settings.

Both goals will be achieved by closely examining the activities and outcomes of two study groups (one at each remote location) as participants focus on the use of a small number of highly targeted, practical tasks designed to identify the mathematics learning needs of students for whom English is a second language. The research is not primarily aimed at the professional development of existing Indigenous teachers, although it will inevitably contribute to this. It is aimed at the preparation of a different type of ‘teacher’, one who may/may not wish to undertake teacher training more generally, but is deeply knowledgeable of related community practices and takes a special role in monitoring students’ mathematical understanding, and supporting the work of classroom teachers. In short, it is aimed at building community-based pedagogical content knowledge for teaching key ideas in mathematics that will help establish a more sustainable approach to numeracy education in remote locations.





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