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Project Title Professional Learning Using Mathematics Standards (PLUMS)
Project Team Professor John Pegg, Dr Rosemary Callingham, Mrs Leonie MacGregor
Period May – December 2005
Funding Agency Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc (AAMT)
Organisational Base SiMERR National Centre


Professional standards for all teachers are being developed nationally and within states. In NSW, standards are being implemented through the Institute of Teachers, and it is expected that all teachers will have to demonstrate achievement of these standards at some level. In this study, a set of standards developed by the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) will be used as a basis for professional learning in a school setting. The intention is to examine the use of this process to provide important information to AAMT and the National Institute for Quality Teaching and School Leadership about the utility of a set of standards in supporting and structuring professional learning plans that contribute to school and teacher development in mathematics.

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