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Project Title Identification of Factors Leading to Teacher Success and Retention in Rural and Regional Contexts
Project Team Ms Ruth Wallace, Ms Lalitha Nair (SiMERR Northern Territory), Ms Susan Barton-Johnson (NT DEET)
Period July 06 – December 08
Funding Agency SiMERR
Organisational Base SiMERR NT


This study will work with experienced teachers and NT Department of Education, Employment and Training (NTDEET) project officers to identify factors leading to teacher success and retention in rural and regional contexts.

The deliverables will inform;

  • Human resources provision by NTDEET;
  • Identification of appropriate staff to work in regional and remote sites;
  • Professional development and support offered by NTDEET to teachers in regional and remote sites;
  • Understanding of the underlying factors of development to build success in schools and across curriculum areas;
  • Key informants about teacher success and retention in NT schools;
  • The current restructure of the Bachelor of Education, Charles Darwin University; and
  • Further professional development and postgraduate studies offered by Charles Darwin University.

The project team has identified key long-term (more than 10 years) remote teachers who are identified as teachers who have a positive impact on students learning by NTDEET regional field officers. Regional field officers will interview teachers using a semi-structured interview designed by the research team. All transcripts are returned to CDU and transcribed. The research team will undertake a thematic analysis of the data and develop map of the findings. These will be referred to NTDEET staff for verification. The findings will be used to outline a series of recommendations that will be presented to NTDEET senior staff. This has been delayed by activities related to the federal intervention and continues over 2008.


NTDEET regional field officers

NTDEET remote teachers


Data are still being analysed.


Report to NTDEET and CDU


The results of this research will facilitate the provision of effective, targeted professional development ad support services by NT DEET and the development of high quality teachers in regional and remote schools.

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