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Project Title Teaching Science in Contexts
Project Team Dr Terry Lyons (SiMERR NSW)
Period April 07 – July 07
Funding Agency SiMERR
Organisational Base SiMERR NSW


This project is a component of a larger SiMERR NSW project; Contexts that Apply and Promote Scientific Understanding, Learning and Expression (CAPSULE).

The purpose of this component is to analyse qualitative data collected in 2004. These data explore teachers’ views on the NSW syllabus requirement to teach Year 7-10 science in ‘Contexts’. Analyses of these data will provide a reference point for the CAPSULE project, allowing longitudinal comparisons with the 2007 data collected via that project. Despite the significance of ‘Contexts’ in the NSW 7-10 science syllabus, to date no research has been done evaluating its level of implementation or effectiveness. The project has particular significance for rural NSW in that the 2004 interviews explored how five rural schools developed ‘Contexts’ based on their social and environmental circumstances. Four of these schools will be approached to participate in CAPSULE.

The project involves the secondary analysis of data collected in 2004 on teachers’ perceptions of the NSW Board of Studies requirement to teach the NSW 7-10 Science Syllabus in relevant and applicable ‘Contexts’. The data were generated through recorded interviews with science teachers in rural and urban schools following the introduction of the syllabus.


27 NSW science teachers in 10 schools



Data will be integrated into the CAPSULE findings and reported with that project’s final report in late 2008.


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