QuickSmart during the Pandemic: Instructor Experience Feedback Wanted!

QuickSmart instructors are the driving force behind the QuickSmart programs. 2020 and 2021 have proven to be very difficult times for all of us. Many of our QuickSmart instructorshave shown great initiative and resilience and continue to offer QuickSmart lessons remotely to their students.

We would like you to tell us how you have been able to do this via either a short-written piece outlining your experiences or a short video telling us how you have offered your lessons remotely, so that we can share this information with other QuickSmart instructors. You may like to consider one or more of the following in the information you provide:

  • What resources did you send home with/to your students?
  • How did you approach the lessons? Did you continue with three, 30 minutes sessions per week? How many students did you work with at one time?
  • How have you delivered the QuickSmart program? Think about how you ran separate lesson components; how did you adapt them? What software platform did you find was the most suitable for your situation?
  • Share some of the results that you are most proud of for 2020 or 2021. Please do not include any student names with your data. This may be quantitative data (response time and accuracy results) or qualitative data (instructor, student, teacher, parent comments, etc).
  • What were your initial thoughts for QuickSmart when you first faced lockdown? Have these thoughts changed and, if so, in what way, based on your experiences?

You can email your piece to quicksmart@une.edu.au with the subject “QuickSmart Instructor Pandemic Response”. Videos can be sent via a Dropbox (etc) link to that email. Please include your name and the name of your school and that you consent to SiMERR using your anonymous piece for research, sharing, and marketing.

As a thank you, five entries will be picked at random on September 1st, and their schools will receive 200 free licences with an expiry date of 31/12/2022 for our new Numeracy Diagnostic Assessment.

Please contact the QuickSmart Team via 02 6773 5067 or quicksmart@une.edu.au if you wish to discuss any of this further. Stay safe everyone!