QuickSmart is an intervention program designed for students who experience persistent difficulties in literacy and/or numeracy. The programs provide a framework with short and targeted lesson components for educators to work through with their students.

The aim of QuickSmart is to enable students to become automatic (quick) in their basic skills in order to move onto more complex problem-solving skills (smart). It is based at the SiMERR National Research Centre, located at the University of New England in Armidale, Australia.

The programs come with ready-to-use resources, as well as accredited professional development training and ongoing support. They are suitable for learners in years 4 to 9, whose skill levels are below the national minimum standard. (LEARN MORE)

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QuickSmart earns recognition of national impact by the Australian Research Council

Randomised Control Trial: SiMERR’s Statement

Randomised Control Trial: Sydney Catholic Schools’ Statement

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St Raphael’s Catholic School – Cowra – NSW

A QuickSmart Numeracy school since 2018.

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“The QuickSmart Program has once again been instrumental in improving the numeracy capacity of some of our students. It has really been wonderful to see a growth in their confidence, knowledge and ability.”

School Principal, Melbourne

“My students have made great strides while participating in the QuickSmart numeracy program. It really is a great program and the children themselves appreciate seeing their own progress. Thank you!”

Teacher’s Aide, Port Macquarie