The QuickSmart Team


  • Professor John Pegg: SiMERR National Research Centre Director, QuickSmart Program Co-developer and Lead Researcher

Research Team

  • Associate Professor Eveline Chan: Head of QuickSmart Literacy
  • Dr Maree Lake: Head of QuickSmart Numeracy
  • Martin Trotman: QuickSmart Social Inclusion
  • Dr Stefan Horarik: Data Analysis (part-time)

Administration Team (02 6773 5067 /

  • June Billings: Executive Assistant to the Director
  • Ambrose McDermott: QuickSmart Project Officer
  • Reg Kunduru: Administrative Assistant (part-time)

IT Team (02 6773 5061 /

  • Alwaleed Alssamani: IT Manager
  • Sean Rodden: IT Support Officer (part-time)
  • Joshua Buan: Full Stack Developer

Former QuickSmart Researchers

  • Professor Lorraine Graham: Co-developer of QuickSmart
  • Lyn Alder
  • Shirley Cooke
  • Anne Parnell
  • Noelene Raymond
  • Jenny Thomas
  • Ann Walton
  • Dr Ingrid Wijeyewardene

SiMERR Staff at the Australian College of Educators Awards Show in November 2020 (more info)
SiMERR staff and UNE officials (including Vice-Chancellor, Professor Brigid Heywood, Dean of HASSE, Professor Michael Wilmore, and Head of School, Associate Professor Sue Gregory) at SiMERR’s 15th anniversary in July 2019
SiMERR staff and Head of School, Dr Steve Tobias, at SiMERR’s 10th anniversary in July 2014