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“All of our QuickSmart candidates demonstrated greatly improved results and embraced the program enthusiastically.” – School Teacher, Sydney

“Thank you for another year of assistance with the program. It is very satisfying to see the progress the students make. Looking forward to another successful year.” – QuickSmart Instructor, Melbourne

“Another successful year of QuickSmart. All our children have greatly improved. Thank you for your great program.” – QuickSmart Instructor, West Sydney

 “My students have made great strides while participating in the QuickSmart numeracy program. It really is a great program and the children themselves appreciate seeing their own progress. Thank you!” – Teacher’s Aide, Port Macquarie

 “(The students have) become a lot more confident in class and around their friends because they were achieving similar results. Their behaviour has improved greatly in the classroom.” – Teacher’s Aide, Victoria

 “According to all pre and post testing results, all students had a very positive and successful academic achievement rating.” – Teacher’s Aide, Victoria

“It has been the most rewarding experience being able to watch students grow confidence and build on themselves as a learner.” – Teacher’s Aide, Victoria

“Students are noticing an improvement in their marks and their ability to complete class work with greater accuracy and understanding. They comment that they use the strategies that they have learnt through the program in their class work.” – Teacher’s Aide, Queensland

“I have found the program to be fabulous and it has been of massive benefit for the majority of students involved. Every student has improved and thus their confidence in themselves and their ability to learn has been extraordinary. The skills I have learnt in terms of using/teaching different strategies is something that I can now use in classes I attend as a Teacher Aide. This program definitely has a place within our Junior School program.”  – Teacher’s Aide, Queensland

“I am an aide, however, studying to be a primary teacher. This course has made me aware of the varying abilities and learning styles of the students. I have also taken on the role of organising the data and analysing our students’ learning, in turn, gaining a better understanding of teaching.” – Teacher’s Aide, Sydney

“Students displayed significant confidence in their own abilities as a result of the QS intervention. Self-esteem improved as they received positive feedback and positive QS results. Student behaviour was outstanding at all times.” – Teacher’s Aide, Queensland

“A number of parents have involved themselves with their child’s at-home practise and have commented favourably on the resulting progress.” – QuickSmart Instructor, South Australia

“(on student self-esteem) The students became more confident with getting things wrong. It was nice to see children opening up if things were happening in other parts of their lives.” – QuickSmart Instructor, South Australia

“QuickSmart has been a great acquisition for the school. It has made a very positive impact upon student academic outcomes and has been a new selling point to add to what the school offers.” – QuickSmart Instructor, Coffs Harbour