OZCAAS Countdown Information

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Please be advised that if OZCAAS has started a countdown timer, it means that you are currently not using the 2020 version of the application and you will need to update it. The 2019 version of OZCAAS will stop working on 31/12/2020.

To update the program, please click on the Numeracy or Literacy Private Area in the green box on the QuickSmart Dashboard. Click on the OZCAAS tab and follow the download instructions very carefully.

If you do not see the Private Area, it means that your school’s licence has expired. To renew your licence, please fill out and submit the form here: https://simerr.une.edu.au/quicksmart/renewal-forms/

If you require technical assistance, please contact our IT Support on 02 6773 5061 or quicksmarthelp@une.edu.au

If you require administration assistance, please contact us on 02 6773 5067 or quicksmart@une.edu.au