Literacy Update: PAT Vocabulary Tests

It has come to our attention that ACER have released a new PAT Vocabulary Skills test, which is currently in its public trial stage.

SiMERR has contacted ACER about the new test, and we have been informed that norm tables have not been created for this new test as of yet. 

ACER has also advised that the new ‘Skills’ test cannot be compared to the existing PAT Vocabulary test. This means that SiMERR is unable to analyse this test in school reports.

As schools need to administer the same version of the PAT for both the pre- and post-tests, we would advise schools to purchase and use the standard ‘PAT Vocabulary’ test for their 2020 QuickSmart cohort. 

If you have already used the new PAT Vocabulary Skills test as your 2020 pre-test, please be advised that we cannot use this data, so it should not be entered into the 2020 Data Upload tool when it is released in a few weeks.

We will post an update about 2021 tests once we have more information.