QuickSmart Resources for Numeracy and Literacy

Many of the materials required to implement the QuickSmart programs are provided in the kits. The kits for both programs include administrative and organisational information, teaching/learning resources, and a QuickSmart DVD. In addition, QuickSmart provides the Cognitive Aptitude Assessment System (CAAS) software for ongoing assessment throughout the duration of the QuickSmart programs.

QuickSmart Literacy and Numeracy Program User Guides

The QuickSmart Numeracy and Literacy program User Guides provide detailed guidelines for the planning and implementation of the programs. These guidelines include:

Organisation Folders

The Organisation Folder includes master copies of all the forms, permission notes, planning notes, evaluation, assessment and graphing sheets required to implement the program. Electronic copies of all the documents are also included.

Teaching/Learning Resources

Teaching/learning resources are provided for both the Numeracy and the Literacy QuickSmart programs. These teaching/learning resources have been developed in response to the individual learning needs of QuickSmart students involved in the program since its inception in 2001, and it may be necessary to supplement them to meet the specific learning needs of particular students. An electronic copy of all the resource materials is provided. Electronic copies of the resources may be used to modify existing QuickSmart material or as templates for developing new resources as required.

The Numeracy Resource Folder includes:

  • focus fact sheets;
  • proformas for flashcard sets;
  • speed sheets;
  • strategy guidelines;
  • worksheets;
  • games; and
  • graph sheets.

The Literacy Resource Folder includes:

  • focus word sheets;
  • proformas for flashcard sets;
  • reading texts;
  • word meaning and word study sheets;
  • comprehension sheets;
  • guidelines for comprehension and spelling;
  • games; and
  • graph sheets.

Numeracy Kit Materials

Sample Student Folder

The QuickSmart kits include a sample Student Folder that can be used as a model when making up individual QuickSmart work folders.

At the start of the QuickSmart program, each student receives a work folder that contains:

Students are encouraged to personalise their work folders with drawings and stickers.

The Cognitive Aptitude Assessment System (CAAS) Software

The Cognitive Aptitude Assessment System (CAAS), a computer-assisted assessment system, is a unique component of the QuickSmart program. Developed by researchers from the Laboratory for the Assessment and Training of Academic Skills (LATAS) at the University of Massachusetts to obtain reliable assessments of student performance, the assessment tasks used are designed and sequenced in order to target and identify the exact nature of the literacy/numeracy problems a student is experiencing (for more information, refer to http://www.educationalhelp.com). The CAAS software is used on a regular basis to monitor the response times and accuracy of QuickSmart students.