QuickSmart Students' Comments

Feedback is routinely sought by asking students to respond to evaluative questionnaires at the conclusion of the year's QuickSmart program. Some students' comments are reproduced below.

"It is helping in maths by finding other ways, easier ways, to figure out the numbers and answers, instead of spending ages on one. It helps my times tables. When I came to QuickSmart first, I didn't know a lot about them. Then I improved a lot in my times tables and everything and the speed sheets and the flashcards."

"With some words... like, I went back and read a book I'd read before, and a lot of the words I didn't know before QuickSmart, now I know most of them. It's because of the reading passages that we do. First we learn the hard words, with the flash cards, and then we know them all the time; it's just in your head."

"QuickSmart is very fun and it has improved my learning heaps. I don't really like school and school work but I like this because it's improving my skills and that but it is still fun and normally school work isn't fun."

"I have learned all my times tables. I've learned all of the work that I'm doing in school is much easier with QuickSmart's help. I've learned more skills and I have a better understanding of what we are meant to be doing in Mathematics. I use it in class because I sometimes know the answer and no one else does."

"I can read better in class activities and at home. I am reading more than I used to. I started to read books for 'fun' when I started QuickSmart because I could read them a lot better."

"When asked a question before QuickSmart lessons, I had a sort of blank but now... answers pop into my head... and ways of working out the answers pop into my head too."

"More people should do it because it is fun. Sometimes you learn a lot more. You learn more than the classroom because you start with easy work and gradually get harder - so you understand better."

"I use the strategies in numeracy and literacy. I underline the problems and what I have to do in both numeracy and literacy. I've gone up a spelling group in literacy. I'm in one of the top groups for numeracy. I read a lot better than I used to."

"QuickSmart is a helpful program. It is the best thing that ever happened to me to help me with my maths. I think QuickSmart should be given to every school in Australia."

"I actually want to work now because I can do it in most of the subjects"

"Definitely got better at maths.  QuickSmart still helps with maths even though I'm in the bottom class, I'm one of the smartest there."

"Wasn't really too bright - I'd kind of rush and not think, just try and get through it.  QuickSmart made me stop and think and actually get the right answer instead of trying to keep up with other kids."

"I like challenges, solving problems with thinking."

"I actually want to work now because I can do it in most of the subjects."

"Can go straight to work and not put off starting."

"I know English is something I can do since I had QuickSmart whereas before I was like, I probably can't do the stuff in there - it made me have more of a positive attitude."

"I have enjoyed the work on the computer because I can try hard and beat my fastest times and I can also see how far I have come since I started and that makes you feel happy about yourself."

"It's been useful to me because it now gives me a lot of confidence in maths.  I now know how to do sums, division, take aways and tables in my head.  I learnt how you do them in a much quicker way."

"QuickSmart has improved me so much.  Before I would take 20 mins to do a speed sheet and now it takes me only 2.15 mins.  Over 15-20 weeks of 3 days a week in maths it helps me so much.  Before I got angry."