QuickSmart Reading Intervention Program

The QuickSmart reading program focuses on improving students' automaticity of word recognition and fluency in reading connected texts.

Instruction is organised into units of three-to-four weeks' duration (i.e., 9-12 lessons) that centre on sets of focus words. The sets of around thirty focus words range in difficulty, beginning with high usage three and four letter words, to more complex and demanding sets. The sets of focus words are either linked to a curriculum learning area, a quality literary text, or a theme of interest to the students. The focus words are incorporated in two or more passages of connected text relevant to the topic.

QuickSmart Resources

Structure of QuickSmart Reading Intervention Sessions

QuickSmart reading intervention sessions are structured to include a number of short and focused activities aimed at improving students' speed of word recognition, reading fluency, and comprehension skills. Each week, the three reading intervention sessions include: