QuickSmart Portal Coordinator Login Details Information

Our new program management system, the QuickSmart Portal, is now live, and nominated school coordinators* will start receiving their log in details via email from today. If your school has nominated a coordinator, they will receive their details before the end of January.

If your school has not already done so, please nominate one member of your team for the initial QuickSmart Portal Coordinator role via the survey link that was emailed to your school in December. The survey was initially only sent to schools that had an active licence in 2020. All currently inactive schools will receive the link over the coming months.

Please contact us if you have not received, or cannot locate, the email with the survey link.

Please note that the 2021 version of OZCAAS can only be downloaded from the QuickSmart Portal – it will not be available in the Dashboard.

*SiMERR will initially grant one “Coordinator” role per school (or two if the school has both Numeracy and Literacy), and this person will have the responsibility of activating the other (already created) staff accounts in the Portal. Each member of the QuickSmart team at a school will have their own account in the new system. Their level of access will be determined by the role assigned to them.