QuickSmart Numeracy, Literacy and Catch-Up 2022 Workshop Calendar Now Available!

2022 Workshop Calendar

The 2022 Numeracy, Literacy and Catch-Up Workshop Calendar is now available on the QuickSmart website: https://simerr.une.edu.au/quicksmart/workshop-calendar/

We encourage schools to attend face-to-face workshops when and where possible. The “Rural and Regional” online groups are strictly for schools that would need to travel three hours or more to the nearest face-to-face workshop. However, our Catch-Up workshops are all online and are open to all schools for registration.

You can view our purchasing/sign-up guides here: https://simerr.une.edu.au/quicksmart/purchasing-guide/

If your school is new to QuickSmart, or you are starting a new program, please register here: https://simerr.une.edu.au/quicksmart/registration-forms/

If your school already has a QuickSmart program and would like to train additional instructors, please register here: https://simerr.une.edu.au/quicksmart/additional-pd-forms/

Please be aware that if your school is participating in more than one program or training, a separate form is required for each program.

Refresher and Advanced course details will be announced on a future date. Please contact us on 02 6773 5067 if you require any further information regarding the workshops.

Diagnostic Assessment

We have also recently launched our new Numeracy Diagnostic Assessment, which allows schools to assess the basic numeracy skills of large numbers of students. Please see our website for more information: https://simerr.une.edu.au/quicksmart/quicksmart-numeracy-diagnostic-assessment/