Data reporting for schools using PAT Adaptive tests

In QuickSmart research to date, we have used the conventional Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) developed by ACER as the independent standardised test to compare the pre- and post- test results of QuickSmart students and comparison students. We will continue to use these test results for our data analysis throughout 2022.

In 2021, ACER introduced the PAT Adaptive test, which provides a useful measure for assessing individual progress in Reading and Maths. While the adaptive tests use the same achievement scale (scale scores) as the conventional PAT tests, they are not designed for the purpose of comparing achievement across a group.  

If your school has transitioned to using only the PAT Adaptive test, please indicate this in the Comments section when reporting and uploading your student results. The data entry page will prompt you to identify the test and version used; select “Other External Test” to enter the results.

If you still have access to the conventional paper-based or online tests (PAT-R or PAT-M), please continue to use these for QuickSmart pre- and post- testing and upload the results in the usual manner.

Please email if you have any questions or comments regarding this topic.