QuickSmart 2022 Workshop Two Dates Now Available!

Please note that this post is only relevant to those participating in QuickSmart training in 2022.

Due to staff absences, we experienced a delay in confirming dates for our second round of workshops, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

We are happy to announce that most 2022 Workshop Two dates have now been finalised and can be viewed on our Workshop Calendar: https://simerr.une.edu.au/quicksmart/workshop-calendar/

Emails will be sent to all schools partaking in QuickSmart training in 2022 soon, but please be advised that we are currently operating with a reduced number of staff and emails may be slightly delayed.

However, please do not hesitate to call us on 02 6773 5067 or email us using quicksmart@une.edu.au if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

Some notes:

Catch-Up Numeracy

  • The two groups we had for Workshop One have now been combined into one group.


  • The Workshop One groups have been reconfigured into state-based groups for Workshop Two.
  • These will all take place online.


  • We initially planned for some of our Workshop Ones to happen as face-to-face workshops, but we were unable to do so, and they were all moved online.
  • However, we are now in a better position to offer face-to-face workshops, so our initial groups have been reconfigured accordingly for Workshop Two.
  • Relevant schools will be contacted soon and we will let them know whether their Workshop Two will take place in a physical venue or online.