QuickSmart Numeracy and Literacy 2024 Workshop Calendar Now Available!

The 2024 QuickSmart Numeracy and Literacy Workshop Calendar is now available on the QuickSmart website: https://simerr.une.edu.au/quicksmart/workshop-calendar/

We encourage schools to attend face-to-face Numeracy workshops when and where possible. The online groups are for schools that would need to travel two hours or more to the nearest face-to-face workshop. Please note, however, that all of our Literacy workshops are online and are open to all schools for registration.

Additional online and face-to-face workshops may be added over the next few months. If you register for an online workshop, we will let you know if a face-to-face workshop gets organised within driving distance of your school.

Please note that the Catch-Up Numeracy program will not be continued in 2024. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please see our recent blog post for more information.

You can view our purchasing / sign-up guides here: https://simerr.une.edu.au/quicksmart/purchasing-guide/

Whether your school is new to QuickSmart, starting a new program, or training additional instructors, please use the relevant form on this page to register for a workshop: https://simerr.une.edu.au/quicksmart/registration-forms/

Refresher Day details will be announced on a future date. Please contact us on 02 6773 5067 if you require any further information regarding the workshops.